Designing with the primary project goal set by the client and related priorities.

Primary Purpose of a Project Could Be One or More of the Below:

  • A Necessary Function to be Accommodated
  • Accommodating a Lifestyle
  • A Decorative Makeover
  • Investing to Add Value to a Property
  • A Safety Requirement
  • Or a Typical Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Requirement


Our service focuses on a seamless collaborative effort between inhouse skilled craftsmen and expert subcontractors with a guaranteed result of top notch built quality.

Basic Project Phases for a Design-Build Project


01. Setting The Purpose

Our Design Process Starts with understanding
the “Purpose”

We listen, ask, consolidate the information, collaborate and deliver

The Outcome of this process is typically:
• A Space Plan
• A Preliminary Budget and Schedule


02. Finalizing The Schematic Design

Once the preliminary ideas have been set, we continue to further develop the design by communicating with you by providing floor plans, initial construction details, sketches and renderings to identify additional details regarding the desired final product. The outcome of this process is typically a finalized Schematic Design Set of plans and a preliminary budget and schedule


03. Producing the Permit/Construction

If the project requires detailed specifications, detailing and a construction permit, a Permit/Construction set of detailed drawings and specifications would be put under production to meet the authorities’ requirements. This would be the most detailed thus the proper plans set that could be priced for a final fixed-price contract. Deliverables are a Construction Plan Sets, Final Price Proposals and a Schedule


One of the important advantages of our early involvement and adopting a Design-Build Process for your project is being able to expedite the project schedule by making design/schedule/budget decisions simultaneously and managing the entire project more efficiently from day one.